East Street

EastStmapSurrey’s engineers first presented proposals for a cycle route between Epsom town centre and Kiln Lane to the Local Committee on 13th September 2010.

Starting from the Epsom end, the main proposals were:
  • Widening the NW footway of East Street near the junction with Adelphi Road to allow shared use by pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Installing a toucan crossing of Hook Road, including the left-turning slip road.
  • Designating the footways of East Street for shared use between Hook Road and Victoria Place.
  • Widening the SW footway of Kiln Lane to the NW of Middle Lane to allow shared use.
  • Installing a toucan crossing of Kiln Lane just NW of the entrance to the retail site.
  • Designating the SE footway of East Street for shared use between the King’s Arms and Clayton Road.

Sainsbury proposed to carry out these improvements as part of its controversial project to increase the capacity of the car park at Kiln Lane. However, planning permission has now lapsed and Surrey are looking for alternative sources of funding for the route.

In May 2017, Surrey said: “We have some development money that may cover this, but the first call on the developer money is to improve pedestrian facilities at the junction of Kiln Lane  and East Street and tidy up the parking on East Street just to the north of the junction.  If there is any left over after this then the next scheme on the list for these monies is  the East Street cycle path.”