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Waterloo Road

Cyclists approaching Epsom along Waterloo Road at peak times are blocked by a queue of traffic under the railway bridges that is difficult to get past. As a result, many walk or cycle along the footway on either side. In addition, pedestrians have a narrow footway under the bridge, which is also an unattractive place at which to wait for a bus.

 Cyclists approaching Epsom are blocked by a queue of traffic.

Cyclists approaching Epsom are blocked by a queue of traffic.

Many cyclists use the footway.

Many cyclists use the footway.

As part of the station redevelopment project, Surrey obtained funding to widen the footway on the west (station) side of the road and designate it for shared use by pedestrians and cyclists. Buses that currently stop under the bridge would instead stop more conveniently outside the station.

The December 2013 meeting of Surrey’s Epsom & Ewell Local Committee decided not to proceed with a scheme at present, but agreed that a task force should reconsider it in the light of the Plan E proposals, which could reduce congestion in Waterloo Road.

The September 2016 meeting of the Local Committee reconsidered this scheme. A number of questions arise:

  • Is it feasible to fix street lamps to the wall, releasing space on the footway? (This could consume 70% of the available funds.)
  • Should the bus stop be moved from under the bridge?
  • Should there be a southbound cycle lane on the east side rather than a shared-use footway on the west side?

At its meeting on 25th March 2019, Surrey’s Local Committee finally agreed to the implementation of three options to invest the £50,000 s106 funding in pedestrian, cycle, and public transport improvements in Waterloo Road:

  1. Implement a new shared pedestrian / cycle route connecting Station Approach to the alleyway leading to Pound Lane;
  2. Implement the street lighting improvements underneath the railway bridge in Waterloo Road;
  3. Consult the local community on an experimental closure of the end of Horsley Close.

East Street

EastStmapSurrey’s engineers first presented proposals for a cycle route between Epsom town centre and Kiln Lane to the Local Committee on 13th September 2010.

Starting from the Epsom end, the main proposals were:
  • Widening the NW footway of East Street near the junction with Adelphi Road to allow shared use by pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Installing a toucan crossing of Hook Road, including the left-turning slip road.
  • Designating the footways of East Street for shared use between Hook Road and Victoria Place.
  • Widening the SW footway of Kiln Lane to the NW of Middle Lane to allow shared use.
  • Installing a toucan crossing of Kiln Lane just NW of the entrance to the retail site.
  • Designating the SE footway of East Street for shared use between the King’s Arms and Clayton Road.

Sainsbury proposed to carry out these improvements as part of its controversial project to increase the capacity of the car park at Kiln Lane. However, planning permission has now lapsed and Surrey are looking for alternative sources of funding for the route.

In May 2017, Surrey said: “We have some development money that may cover this, but the first call on the developer money is to improve pedestrian facilities at the junction of Kiln Lane  and East Street and tidy up the parking on East Street just to the north of the junction.  If there is any left over after this then the next scheme on the list for these monies is  the East Street cycle path.”

Path to Epsom & Ewell High School

As part of a Safe Routes to School scheme, the path between Scott’s Farm Road and Ruxley Lane (pictured here) at the side of the school was to be widened to allow its use by cyclists.  This would have been particularly convenient for pupils of Epsom & Ewell High School.  Land was to be transferred from Education to Highways to allow the widening of the path. However, the deed of dedication was never signed.
For a time, plans to widen the path were deferred, because there was a proposal to redevelop the school site. This proposal came to nothing.
This project has been on Surrey’s list for at least 10 years but has never quite made it off the ground. In the meantime, the school has become an academy and the fence was renewed along its existing alignment.
It is questionable whether the £80K cost represents good value for money. It has been suggested that the academy should pay if it expands or it sells part of its land for housing.
The September 2016 meeting of Surrey’s Epsom & Ewell Local Committee decided to defer this scheme to 2017-18.