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The Bonesgate


An improved path has been laid along the Surrey side of the Bonesgate stream, running between Chessington Road and the Hogsmill near Kingston Road. As the photo shows, the path was transformed from a muddy footpath to a shared-use path with a rideable surface. The path has now been given a ‘fibredec’ surface.

Path to Epsom & Ewell High School

As part of a Safe Routes to School scheme, the path between Scott’s Farm Road and Ruxley Lane (pictured here) at the side of the school was to be widened to allow its use by cyclists.  This would have been particularly convenient for pupils of Epsom & Ewell High School.  Land was to be transferred from Education to Highways to allow the widening of the path. However, the deed of dedication was never signed.
For a time, plans to widen the path were deferred, because there was a proposal to redevelop the school site. This proposal came to nothing.
This project has been on Surrey’s list for at least 10 years but has never quite made it off the ground. In the meantime, the school has become an academy and the fence was renewed along its existing alignment.
It is questionable whether the £80K cost represents good value for money. It has been suggested that the academy should pay if it expands or it sells part of its land for housing.
The September 2016 meeting of Surrey’s Epsom & Ewell Local Committee decided to defer this scheme to 2017-18.

St Ebba’s Redevelopment


On 13th September 2010, engineers presented a report to Surrey’s local committee recommending a toucan toucan crossing of Chessington Road between the path from Hook Road and Riverholme Drive. The work was subsequently done under an S278 Agreement and therefore all costs were met by the developer of the St Ebba’s site.
Work has was also completed on a three-metre path along the east side of Hook Road. This was complemented by upgrading (and desegregating) the bridleway from the Chantilly Way junction and Chessington Road.

Dorking Road

DorkingRdSeveral years ago the footway was modified to allow cycling between Craddocks Avenue and White Horse Drive. After a long delay, Surrey then put up signs indicating that cycling was now allowed. These signs provoked a complaint from a member of the public.